“John handled the interaction with the buyer. His approach is very straightforward--he tells you the things you need to hear. He did an extremely good job of always being available. Most importantly, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. John got the deal across the finish line, and that’s the No. 1 focus.”

Jeff Z

"My business was on the market for 2 years with another broker without one offer. In 6 months working with John we had two offers and successfully sold my business."

Mary P

“John shot straight from the hip. He did the business evaluation, and I took it to my accountant and we both felt comfortable with it. The transaction really went smooth. Everything was covered. John wrote a good deal for Nick and myself, and he had our best interests in mind. There were no ill feelings.”

Jim S

“John’s insights regarding how to structure the deal have protected me in several ways. He can not give legal advice, however, he definitely reduced my attorney costs, it more than paid for his advice. The founder of the business and myself had never sold or purchased a business before. John has a network of people he can refer, and everyone he referred I’m still working with today. Whenever I have a question, I call John and he had an answer for me. It’s nice to have smart people behind you when you’re making decisions.”

Edward L


"It was time to sell my business for a lot of reasons. I had an employee that was interested in buying it. I did not know how to get this done. John helped negotiate with my employee and he is now doing very well with the business. John made the process easy for me."

Sara M


"The seller of the business that I was trying to buy, hired John after I got turned down from two banks. Flat out, I would not have been able to buy the business without John’s help."

Joe M


"We engaged John when we were losing money. My partner and I were not talking. I thought that I needed to buy my partner out. John helped us make money and helped my partner and I work with each other. Now, I have sold the business to my partner and we are still  best of friends."

Jim T


"I was referred to John when I had an idea for a business. He helped as an advisor and landed our first major customer. Three years later he helped us sell the business with a very sweet deal."

Pete S


"John was referred to us when we were asked to find new financing by our bank. He got us back on track and convinced the bank to refinance us. He also had me send out a letter to try to acquire our largest competitor. We acquired them and doubled our business."

Julie A